Is A Self Sharpening Block Good

Is A Self Sharpening Block Good? The Exact Answer Is Here!

Many people use a sharp block to ensure that their knives can remain sharp over time. But is a self sharpening block good at maintaining the blade’s quality?

Absolutely yes. This tool can give you razor-sharp knives every time you pull them out. It’s best for people who often cook and serve a large group of people.

We will discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and technology included in this unit. Let’s read through and decide whether it is good for you!   

Is A Self Sharpening Block Good?

The answer is Yes. This block is one of the most functional kitchen appliances. Once you start using it, you won’t have to worry about the blades’ efficacy. 


Continuous dulling can cause your knife’s blades to deteriorate over time, causing you to stress your wrists and perform bad cuts without realizing it.

This cumulative dulling does not happen thanks to the block’s characteristic. Then, the blade can preserve sharp edges during its lifespan.

The blocks can also heal any nicks or chips that may occur in the blade edge. It ensures that you consistently achieve a clean-cut, which is critical when handling fine details.

These sheaths have several advantages over traditional honing devices, including the following:

  • Offering durable blades
  • Reducing the cost of buying new blades.
  • Giving more precise and cleaner cuts
  • Minimizing cutting effort 

Another benefit of this item is that you may choose the number of knives provided.

Some sets have as few as four to six different types of knives, including staple tools such as chef’s knives that are multipurpose and can deal with many cutting jobs.

Others may have up to ten or fifteen knives. They often include more specialized knives that can do a wide range of jobs.

Your knives can remain sharp over time


The drawback of using this block is that you don’t have complete control over when you hone the blade. 

We don’t recommend sharpening the edge too regularly because it might shorten its lifespan. 

When you sharpen the edge, you’re basically removing a little piece of the knife’s substance.

Although the amount of material lost is minor, it can soon build up if you hone your blade on a frequent basis. This deterioration is the case with the sharpening process.

Although the duration of your blades will not decrease significantly due to choosing this method, you should expect them to last a bit less than they ought to.

Is the block worth it?

If you often cook at home, you will love the ease of this blade block. The knives are also ideal if you’re catering to a large group and don’t want to waste time honing your blade before cooking.

You may take comfort in knowing that the blades will keep their optimum sharpness for whatever you’re doing.

You’ll get razor-sharp blades every time you pull them out of the sheath, thanks to the self-sharpening technology. It ensures that the quality of the blades remains consistent.

You may use the sheath only as needed if you want your knives to last longer.

Furthermore, getting them adequately honed from time to time will deliver the most outstanding results.

Consider this product if you often cook

How Does Self-Sharpening Block Work?

These knives are the ones that have a built-in sharpener, often in sheath or block set. 

What makes this knife set different from a traditional set? In short, it has a storage sheath that can sharpen the blades. 

KIS technology

KIS (Keep-It-Sharp) technology refers to ceramic sharpeners. These components are in charge of honing the blade edges.

You will see ceramic edges placed within the slots for every blade in the storage block of the set. 

When you put the blades away after using them, they will automatically brush against the ceramic sharpeners inside the sheath. When you take the blades for another use, the ceramic edges also hone them. 

As you can see, the block sharpens your knives whenever you pull them in and out. Hence, you don’t have to hone them yourself. 

The ceramic sharpeners are the secret behind this technology
The ceramic sharpeners are the secret behind this technology

How to use the block?

The block sharpens the blades, and if you buy this knife, it’s critical to keep the blades in the sheath at all times.

The sharpness of your knives will deteriorate if you store them outside.

When using this type of blade, bear in mind a few crucial things: 

  • Remove the knives from the sheath at a normal pace instead of yanking them suddenly. If you take them out too quickly, it can shorten the life of the honing set as well as your blades.
  • Keep the knives in the block at all times.
  • Never hone your blades with a knife sharpener.
  • It’s critical to keep the sheath clean. It would help if you cleaned it once a month or more frequently. 
  • Don’t bang your knife against the sheath too hard. A slight push would suffice.

Can Self-Sharpening Knives Sharpen Themselves?

This knife already has a built-in sharpener. Hence, it can hone itself without the need for manually treating it.

However, sometimes you need to hone it yourself. The ceramic edges in the blocks don’t really eliminate steel off the blade to make it sharper.

Instead, they refine your knives’ edges, which means they readjust the edge every time you use them. 

You may need to undertake your own honing aside from the passive sharpening if you use the blades frequently.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that you’ll have to polish these items less regularly than you might otherwise.

You do not have to hone your knives regularly
You do not have to hone your knives regularly

How Often Should You Run The Knife Through The Block? 

When you pull your blade out of the block and place it back, the block sharpens your knife automatically.

The knife’s edges are sharp as it goes through the sharpener within the blocks. As a result, there is no limit to how many times you can run the blade the block.

If your blade is still in good condition, there is no need to worry. If you think it’s lost its sharpness, you can employ the peeling off technique to help them out.

You can test the sharpness of your knives using some methods recommended in this video. 

Here are some steps to follow when your knives do not remain sharp:

  • Insert the knife from the sheath.
  • Pull it carefully from the sheath.
  • Repeat the two steps a few times.
  • Apply some ice cubes on the blade.
  • Wipe up your blade.

You can cut fruits or vegetables once you’ve finished the process to point out the differences.

This process is not necessary most of the time because your blade will retain its sharpness.  

Closing Points

We have covered what a self-sharpening knife sheath is, the advantages, and how it works. A self sharpening block is really good for your needs. 

You’re probably aware that the blocks may help you save a lot of effort and time. It also eliminates the need to hone your knives manually after each usage.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading with bestgrillhub






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