What Happens If You Don’t Turn Your Propane Tank Off

The Best Explanation Of What Happens If You Don’t Turn Your Propane Tank Off

Many people prefer using a gas grill rather than a charcoal grill to make grilled foods. Each of the grills has different safety instructions to follow.

But when using gas grills, the propane tank of the grills is what most people concern about. What if they forget to turn the tank off? Will bad things happen to them?

Keep reading and you will find the answer!

What Happens If You Don’t Turn Your Propane Tank Off

What Happens If You Don’t Turn Your Propane Tank Off?

Nothing will happen if you let the tank on while it connects to the grill. But it will be a problem if the burner control valves don’t function well.

Sometimes it can lead to serious problems if you let the tank on. For example, it can reduce the gas flow state. Dangerous situations such as fires, explosions can happen.

Depends on the fact that most of the time, propane tanks are safe. We still recommend you turn it off. Bad and unexpected things can always happen. It is why safety should be your priority.

Even if knowing the answer to this problem can rest assured you. But we know that some of you may wonder if propane tanks can be potential fire hazards.

Let’s move to the next part and we will tell you what you need to know.

What Happens If You Don’t Turn Your Propane Tank Off
What Happens If You Don’t Turn Your Propane Tank Off

Are Propane Tanks A Fire Hazard?

They are fire hazards if you don’t be serious about the safety instructions. You should know that even if the propane tanks have various safety features. Fires, explosions, damages can still happen.

One of the most reasons that lead to these problems is improper propane tanks usage. The way you use it will turn propane tanks into fire hazards.

For example, you forget to check the tanks and when leakings happen, you have no ideas about it. In addition, many people try to refill the tanks often. They don’t even care about the certification date. Doing it can harm your propane tanks badly.

Then how can you prevent misusage of propane tanks? Take your time to read the safety instructions is the best way. You have to know clearly about the tank’s anatomy and how its functions.

Furthermore, reading instructions can help you know about leaking signals. Leaking is another reason that leads to explosions. When using gas grills, many people don’t know that their tanks are leaking. It’s very dangerous. Keep your eyes on your propane tanks. If you use it correctly, it will never turn into a fire hazard.

Propane Tanks Safety Tips To Avoid Damage

As we mentioned above, even if there are various safety guarantees for your propane tanks. Unexpected things can still happen. But you can turn it into expected things if you know about these safety tips.

Now, let’s read and find out the best tips that we recommend for you.

Keep the tanks outside

Keeping your tanks outside can greatly reduce potential fires and explosions. As you can see, propane gas is combustible. If you keep the tank inside your storage when leaking happens. Then everything will catch on fire.

It’s even more dangerous if you keep it in your garage. If the tanks leak, and you start your car to go out. Then explosions will immediately happen. So always keep propane tanks outside to protect yourself.

Keep the tanks outside
Keep the tanks outside

Keep them in the shade

You can’t keep the tanks inside. But if you neglect it while keeping them outside can also cause trouble. When keeping them outside, you’d better choose shady spots. They should never be exposed directly to the sunlight. If there is a hot summer day, it can greatly affect the tank’s temperature.

And if the temperature goes up above 120 Fahrenheit degrees. There will be great pressure inside the tank. And then the valve will automatically activate to release the internal pressure. And that when leaking will happen.

So choose the best shady spots for your propane tank to stay even on hot days.

Keep the tanks upright

Strong winds can knock your propane tanks over. That’s why you need to keep an eye on the tank to ensure that it always sits upright.

If the gas was left on the tank’s side for too long, it will start to leak out. It is the most seen case that leaking happens. Because people think that it’s fine to let their tanks lie down. Don’t let this mistake happen if you don’t want the fire to appear.

Store them at a safe distance

If you use your gas grills often, we know that you can have backup propane tanks. You can do that if you know how exactly to protect yourself from potential harm. But some of you always forget about the distance between the two tanks while storing them. It is a huge mistake.

You should never let these tanks sit together at a close distance. They should always be at least ten feet far from each other. What if one of the tanks suddenly begins to leak? An explosion will immediately happen. So if you want to have backup tanks, remember to keep them far from each other.

Always keep the valves closed when not using the grill

We know that sometimes you can forget to close the valves. But it shouldn’t happen too often. Because there is potential harm if you let the valves open while don’t use the grill.

As we explained above, you should pay attention to your valves. Besides, if you can’t remember to close the valves. You should set a reminder on your phone. It will help you to know what to do.

Never use damaged tanks

Many people think that it’s okay if their tanks have some dents or rust. That’s a big no for you. Dents and rust are the signals that show you shouldn’t use your tank anymore.

Because when they happen, it means that maybe the internal of your tank has been compromised. And at that time, gas could leak out.

If you notice strange things happen to your tanks, stop using them immediately. Don’t ever think that it’s okay to use, because it’s not like what you thought.

How To Fix “LOCKOUT” Problem Of Propane Tank

Why does this problem happen?

“Lockout” is a very common problem for people who using propane tanks. It’s one of the safe guarantees while using these tanks. It prevents the tank to explode. But why does it happen? Let’s read and find out.

  • If you let more than one grill control valves open and turn the tank on to use the grill. This problem will happen.
  • High temperatures can cause lockout to happen.
  • In some cases, leaks or other issues can cause lockout too.

How to fix it?

  • The first thing you need to do is turning off your propane valve.
  • After that, remove the black QCC connection. Do it slowly for your safety.
  • Ensure that all of your grill valves are turn off completely.
  • Then start to reconnect the QCC again.
  • Start to turn your tank on. Do it slowly so the gas will flow out to prevent fires.
  • Lastly, you can turn on your grill and use it normally.

If these steps won’t help you fix this problem, seek out professional help.


After reading this article, we hope that you know how to protect yourself while using propane tanks. Even if there should be no problem if you forget to turn off your tanks. Please know that potential harm is always around you.

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